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Teachers’ Pets

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Teachers’ Pets

Rebekah Barnabas and Ella Shi

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Often, students forget that teachers have lives too, and beyond school, teachers have their own families and responsibilities. Universally, we can all agree that the pet is the ideal and most perfect member of our families. The Royal Reporter researched far and wide to compile this list of teachers’ pets.

Mr. Faubl- Physics Teacher

Pet Name: Puff

Pet Type: Cat; Maybe Domestic Short-hair

Pet Age and Gender: 12; male

How long you’ve had your pet: many years

Where/how you got your pet: “He was a stray that kept coming around, so we decided to make a go of a relationship.”

What you like to do with your pet: “Puff is actually a shape-shifter and can take on many forms.  He and I spend most of our evenings vanquishing the forces of darkness.”

Anything else you would like to share: “Puff drove across the country with me when I made the trek from the East Coast.  We’re a good team.”

Since Puff is a shape-shifter cat, no camera can capture his form; however, this is what Puff is rumored to look like. Art by Heikala

Dr. Villasenor- French Teacher

Pet Names: Arthur and Willy

Pet Type: Dog; Terrier Mixes

Pet Age and Gender: Arthur is 5.5 and Willy is 3; males

How long you’ve had your pet: Arthur for 5 years and Willy for a little over 2 years

Where/how you got your pet: “I got Arthur from a rescue organization in San Diego. He was found as a stray in some fields in rural east county. I got Willy from a rescue organization in Long Beach. He had been abandoned in a cardboard box with another dog and had been severely abused as a puppy.”

What you like to do with your pet: hiking, camping, biking, hanging out on the couch

Anything else you would like to share: “Adopt, don’t shop!”

Dr. Villasenor’s dogs Arthur and Willy. Photo by Dr. Villasenor

Mrs. Rosales- Religion Teacher

Pet Name: Molly

Pet Type: Dog; Miniature Pinscher

Pet Age and Gender: Around 9; female

How long you’ve had your pet: 6 years

Where/how you got your pet: “She was an abandoned dog from the neighborhood near my church. It took my pastor a couple months to gain her trust and get close enough to her to bring her inside.  She was super skinny from living on the street for that long. He asked me to take her home with me until we could find someone who wanted to adopt her. Well, our whole family fell in love with her!”

Anything else you would like to share– “We named her after Molly Weasley from Harry Potter because she is super sweet but can be a firecracker!”

Mrs. Roales’s dog Molly Weasley. Photo by Mrs. Rosales

Mrs. Kappe- Spanish Teacher

Pet Name: Pugsy

Pet Type: Dog; Pug

Pet Age and Gender: 1.5; male

How long you’ve had your pet: a little over a year

Where/how you got your pet: “My husband’s friend at work bred her pug, and her pug had 5 puppies. She asked my husband if we wanted one because we had a 2 year old at the time. Of course, I said yes!”

What you like to do with your pet: “Pugsy’s favorite activities are to run, play fetch, snuggle, play with Tyler and Autumn, sleep, and, of course, eat! We take him on walks and snuggle a lot with him. Pugs do not believe in personal space; he wants to sit on everyone’s lap, no matter who!”

Anything else you would like to share: “The best thing about having a pug is that they love to relax, and I need to learn how to relax more! Lol! I am so grateful for how sweet Pugsy is with everyone he meets!”

Mrs. Kappe’s dog Pugsy. Photo by Mrs. Kappe

Ms. D’Alba- Religion Teacher

Pet Names: Oscar and Daisy

Pet Type: Dog; Doxie Mix

Pet Age and Gender: Oscar- 11 and male. Daisy- 8 and female.

How long you’ve had your pets: 11 years

Where/how you got your pets: Oscar- “I was picking up my son from after school care and a lady at the soccer field had doxie puppies, one of my students brought Oscar over and it was love at first sight. Two other people had already taken him and brought him back because he is so naughty.”

Daisy- “Mr. Gutierrez gave me Daisy as a gift, he wanted me to take her brother also, I wish now that I had, she is a good dog!”

Anything else you would like to share: “My favorite thing about Daisy is that she is not a needy dog; she is more like a cat dog, she is feisty, but she is also more mellow. Oscar is the opposite, he is the neediest dog on the planet, all he wants is to be worshiped and adored, by this I mean pet constantly, taken for walks when HE feels like it and of course fed people food. Oscar and Daisy are amazing dogs!”

Ms. D’Alba’s dog Oscar. Photo by Ms. D’Alba

These teachers aren’t the only ones on campus with adorable pets. Feel free to ask your other teachers if they have any furry or scaly companions!

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