Tri-school’s Flashback Performance: Looking Back, Moving Forward


Tri-school cast members gather for a picture with friends, family, and alum after their amazing performance. Photo by Mrs. Poggi

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

On November 15th-17th, Tri-School had their debut of the season with their show “Looking Back: Moving Forward.” The show celebrated the 30th anniversary of Tri-School Theater featuring shows they’ve done and might do in the future. The first act consisted of the past shows, and the second act consisted of shows they wish to do in the future.

The show was narrated on pre-recorded side screens by alums, current students, and teachers from past to present, and helped showcase what Tri-School is all about. Tri-School is more than a theater group; it is a community that helps students become the best versions of themselves. 

Juliana Poggi 20′ and Haley Johnson 20′ pose for a picture with bright smiles after the show. Photo by Whitney Deubler

Juliana Poggi ‘20, gave the Royal Reporter a behind the scenes look at being a performer. 

RR: What was being a part of the show like? 

JP: Being a part of this show was a big honor because I helped celebrate Tri-School. It was very difficult because we had to do a musical in a smaller time frame than usual, but it was super fun and exciting once show weekend came. Thanks to the director Frankie Marrone, I had more chances to grow on stage and become more comfortable with my abilities.  

RR: What was your favorite part of the show? 

JP: My favorite would be singing with my best friend, Hayley Johnson ’20, and then staying in the wings to watch our friend Ryan Bass ’21 perform “Mr. Cellophane.” Performing with Hayley was so much fun because we got to go off each other’s energy which we already do as friends. Ryan was so entertaining to watch, and I loved watching him go all out with his movements.  

RR: Who came to watch you? 

JP My parents, cousins, family, friends, and even students I’ve hosted as shadows in the past came as well. It was a great time.

It was an incredible performance and an amazing start to Tri-school’s year and many can attest to this fact. Mrs. Jenkins, one of Rosary’s history teachers, exclaimed, “I thought the show was fantastic and I was very impressed with the variety and talent.” 

We can’t wait for more shows to come this year, and we have no doubt they will be just as impressive as the last one.