Secret Lives: The Religion Department

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Secret Lives: The Religion Department

Our devout Religion Department. Photo by Ms. D'Alba

Our devout Religion Department. Photo by Ms. D'Alba

Our devout Religion Department. Photo by Ms. D'Alba

Our devout Religion Department. Photo by Ms. D'Alba

Kiren Grewal and Marissa Pennino

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The Royal Reporter is back at it again with another riveting exposé. You were promised a feature on the Science Department, but we decided to leave the biggest reveal, and the biggest surprise, to the end of our series. For today, let us unmask the Religion Department. 

Ah the Religion Department, the holiest department of all. Many of you know the regular day-to-day routines of our reverent religion teachers:  praying, teaching, adoration, more praying, and, of course, spiritual meditations. What you are not aware of, is the super-secret recreational activities they take on after school.  

Mrs. Beth Rosales, our darling freshman and junior religion teacher, is known for her compassionate demeanor and contagious smile. Mrs. Rosales, a sure fan favorite on campus, shockingly doubles as a world-renowned artist who specializes in painting.  

The artistic Mrs. Rosales. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

When asked about her hobby, Mrs. Rosales said: “One of my favorite things to do is paint, and I love painting people. In fact, when I went to Cuba, I took pictures of kids at a school; then, I went home and recreated that same photo using oil paint.” 

She cultivated her craft from a young age and has used her talent to better the lives of others. Mrs. Rosales is an active member of ABC Hopes, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and adults with intellectual disabilities; she often teaches enjoyable, exciting painting classes to her eager protégés. Her fun filled classes are also accompanied by a delicious meal and an evening full of laughter. If you are interested in getting involved, you’re in luck because she loves having student volunteers help in making the evening special.

The athletic Mrs. Flati. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Many of you know and love our Gabriella Montez look-alike, Mrs. Flati. We know she got married to Mr. Flati right before she arrived at Rosary to bless us with her presence, and we also know she was with child last year and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Luca. There is oh so much we don’t know about this mysterious sophomore Religion teacher.

Royal Reporter did some sleuthing and uncovered her secret passion for running. Yes, running, her sport is often our sport’s punishment. Mrs. Flati trains with her husband to partake in marathons, that’s a little over twenty-six miles. Many of us can’t even run one mile without busting a hip or fracturing our ankles. If you ever want any tips on how not to die when running, contact Mrs. Flati and she is sure to be helpful. 


Most of you probably know about Ms. D’Alba’s obsession with her dachshunds and llamas. But what you may not know about is her secret life as a seamstress. Ms. D’Alba thoroughly enjoys sewing, stitching, and everything in between.  Not to mention, she has some pretty insane talent. In years past, she used to handcraft her children’s wardrobe, putting love and affection into every stitch.   

The talented Ms. D’Alba. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

However, her children were sad that they never owned name-brand clothes; so, Mrs. D’Alba went through the tedious effort of stitching in hand-made labels into every article of clothing. How adorable! We love a thoughtful sister. 

Eventually, when her children got older, they wanted clothes from an actual store. “And that was the end of my sewing career,” Mrs. D’Alba said sadly. 

So next time you see Ms. D’Alba, make sure you ask her about her best sewing tips and tricks to make her day! 


When you see Mrs. Rosales, Mrs. Flati, or Ms. D’Alba in the hallway, be sure to praise them for their secret hobbies. Tune in next time for another exciting exposé. 


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