Student Diets

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Student Diets

Ryan is enjoying a healthy lunch.
Photo by Theresa Ceman

Ryan is enjoying a healthy lunch. Photo by Theresa Ceman

Ryan is enjoying a healthy lunch. Photo by Theresa Ceman

Ryan is enjoying a healthy lunch. Photo by Theresa Ceman

Evelyn Zhao and Theresa Ceman

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Food is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, to be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn. The daily diet is extremely important for providing energy for students to survive over the heavy life of studying. As students, we have an intense love for food. Let us see what different students like to eat and what they think is the best diet for themselves.

Isabelle Brookshire ‘22 told us, “My favorite foods are pizza, salad, and fries. I generally love all food though.” She also thinks the best diet for students is just a healthy balanced diet. According to her, “Each meal should consist of dairy, greens, protein, fruits, and grains in specific portions. But at the same time kids should be able to enjoy themselves and not have to eat stuff that makes them unhappy. Overall, people should eat relatively healthy but also enjoy themselves.”

Cindy Huang ‘20 loves Shitake soup and pasta. In her opinion, “A balanced diet is the best diet for students because it is beneficial for our studies and provides protein and energy as daily nutrients.” Moreover, Leslie Leuterio ‘20 said, “My favorite foods are Pasta, soup, sushi, and chocolate. And I think the best diet for students would be whatever makes them happy.”

Spicy hot pot.
Photo by Evelyn Zhao

Hope Han ‘22, who comes from China, said, “I am crazy about spicy food, especially the spicy hot pot, Sichuan cuisine and so on.” Eating some spicy food is good for your health, as it helps you burn extra calories, helps prevent some cancers and relieves pain.” What’s more, she pointed out, “We should choose the diet that works the best for us because everyone’s appetite is different.”

There is a lot of love for food at Rosary, but also for clean eating.  Here are a couple of girls who are vegetarians and a couple who simply care about healthy eating.

Elizabeth Martinez ‘21 says, “I am a vegetarian, because I feel much better without meat in my diet. I became a vegetarian a couple years ago when I gave meat up for lent and I ended up loving that lifestyle. I take vitamin supplements that provide me with the benefits that eating meat would give you.” As vegetarians don’t eat meat for moral, religious, or health reasons, they someimes have to replace it with vitamin supplements to get the nutrients they are missing. Sometimes, this includes protein-filled foods such as lentils and tofu. Another vegetarian, freshman Victoria Serna, says, “I recently also became a vegetarian, because I have a couple of friends that introduced me to their eating life style,s and I liked how eating healthy makes you feel, I also love vegetables and I figured it was time to stop eating junk food.”

Elizabeth and Victoria two vegetarian students. Photo by Theresa Ceman

Ryan Ohlman ‘21 says, “I’m not really on a diet but I refrain from eating junk food because it is better for you and gives you many life benefits.” Madeline Chang ’21 adds, “I am also not on a diet, but I decided to start eating only healthy food like Ryan because I was tired of junk food and feeling sick, but I love the way eating healthy makes me feel.”

Overall, food is very important to everyone.  Remember, before changing your diet or starting a new way of eating, it’s imperative you consult with your parents and doctor.

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