When Is It Acceptable To Play Christmas Music?

Michael Buble's Christmas album. Photo by Michael Buble.

Michael Buble's Christmas album. Photo by Michael Buble.

Sofia Benavides, Features Editor

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Now that Halloween is over, the annual November debate arises – when is it acceptable to play Christmas music? Some people (like yours truly) have it set to play the second Halloween turns into November 1st. Others are adamant that you have to wait until after Thanksgiving (they’re wrong, obviously.) 

I know I’ve been singing “All I Want for Christmas” since the trick-or-treaters stopped knocking at my door, but I was curious to see what other Royals thought of this dilemma. So I took the liberty of conducting yet another poll to see what everyone thought, and the results tell all. As it turns out, 52% of students think Christmas music should be played November 1st, while 48% think you should wait until after Thanksgiving.

Caitlyn Shank ‘19 says, “Every holiday deserves the best celebration and even though Christmas is the best holiday ever, Thanksgiving still deserves major hype.” Most After-Thanksgiving-ers feel the same way, claiming that they hold off on the Christmas music out of respect for the lesser holiday. Unless you’re my dad, in which case you think Christmas music is a con job to get you to buy more stuff you don’t need. 

Haley Robinson ‘19 adds, “If you start listening too early, then by the time Christmas actually comes, you might be sick of hearing the Christmas songs.” I have to admit, she has a point. 

Michael Buble’s Christmas album. Photo by Michael Buble

Rory Brandon ‘20 says, “Only one month isn’t enough time to fully enjoy Christmas music.” 52% of students agree. Brooke Bowen ‘21 adds, “Christmas music should be played as soon as possible. A few people even took this to some extremes. Marga Diaz ‘19 says, “I’m Filipino and we start playing Christmas music on September 1st.” I won’t comment on this.

Clearly, us November-1st-ers are the ones who truly love Christmas. KOST 103.5 doesn’t care what 48% of Royals think- Christmas music starts this Friday, November 9th, at 5:00PM. And if you’re a cool kid, you’ll be sitting in the car waiting.

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