Secret Lives: The Social Studies Department

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Secret Lives: The Social Studies Department

Our regal Social Studies department. Photo by Giovanna Pinel

Our regal Social Studies department. Photo by Giovanna Pinel

Our regal Social Studies department. Photo by Giovanna Pinel

Our regal Social Studies department. Photo by Giovanna Pinel

Kiren Grewal and Marissa Pennino

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Due to popular demand, we are continuing our riveting exposé on the secret lives of our Rosary Academy teachers. Keep reading to learn more about our beloved Social Studies Department.  

Our very own lovely Mrs. Ward. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Remember the episode of Wheel of Fortune that aired on March 8th, 1990? Yeah, probably not. But Mrs. Ward surely does—she was a contestant on the episode. As a young woman fresh out of high school, Mrs. Ward was looking for a quick, easy way to make some cash. The answer? Wheel of Fortune. 

Mrs. Ward can be spotted in the middle, sporting the stunning red dress. Although she is still very far behind in the game in the picture, she ended up surpassing purple dress woman and leaving with over $5000! 

Mrs. Ward right before her big comeback. Photo by Google

“I still remember that girl’s name, Olivia Smith. She flopped mid-show and I came out on top. I remember seeing her bawling her eyes out backstage. Oh well.”  It truly is a dog-eat-dog world. 

If you ever see Mrs. Ward around school, make sure you ask her about her best game show tips. 




“Mr. Chavez.” Photo by Mrs. Reinbold.

Many of you think that Mr. Greg Chavez went to law school at Whittier College, but he just didn’t end up taking the Bar Exam. But little do you know that this is ALL a cover up. Mr. Chavez did indeed pass the bar and become a lawyer—so good of a lawyer that he was a prosecutor on the O.J Simpson case.  

That’s right, he was on the infamous O.J case. The Royal Reporter just came across this secret information, and the reason Royals don’t know about it is because he is being protected by the United States Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC).  

“Mr. Chavez” caught in the act of brushing up on his law books. Photo by Marissa Pennino

Contrary to popular belief, WITSEC doesn’t just protect witnesses, but also anyone on the defense/prosecution on high-risk cases. Because of his heavy involvement in the case and the threat it posed to both his well-being and his family’s, Mr. Chavez was forced into silence by the federal government. We’re not even sure if “Mr. Chavez” is his real name or if it’s just an alias WITSEC gave him.  

Sorry for revealing your secret, “Mr. Chavez.” The truth was bound to unravel eventually.  


When students think of Mrs. Cindy Jenkins, they immediately think, “history genius.” But what many don’t know is that Mrs. Jenkins was once a part of America’s troops. That’s right, Royals; Mrs. Jenkins is an ex-Navy Seal.  

Former Navy Seal, Mrs. Jenkins. We thank you for your service! Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Being a Navy Seal requires both mental and physical fitness. It is hands down the most elite, intense special operations force that serves this country. Mrs. Jenkins gave us an in-depth look at what the training looked like: 

“I was stationed for initial training in Coronado for around a year. It was extremely intense. Then, I had another 18 months of pre-deployment training, which was even more intense. A lot of it is confidential, so I can’t say much more about that.” 

Mrs. Jenkins left the Navy after a couple months and doesn’t regret it. She’s now teaching her passion, history, and supporting the troops from overseas. We are so happy to have her in our loving Royal sister community!  


Tune in next time when we unveil the Science Department!

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