Trick’d Out and Ready for Treats

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Trick’d Out and Ready for Treats

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

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On October 31st, Rosary Academy was flooded with Halloween spirit. Students and teachers put their most creative efforts into making hilarious and unique costumes.

As you eat your Halloween candy, enjoy this photo spread of Halloween 2018 at Rosary Academy.


Sophomore Lauren Woolley expressing her humor through a silly costume. Photo by Grace Battaglia


Mr. Lyons went with a fan favorite- Luke Skywalker. Photo by Kate Noden

Sophomore Ryan Ersek dressed up as childhood favorite: T-Bo from ICarly. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Sophia Lambros ’20 represented her favorite artist- Post Malone. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Caitlyn Shank ’19 or Emma Chamberlain? Photo by Grace Battaglia

Juniors Riley Hawkins and Bernadette Hattouni posing together with their goofy costumes. Photo by Grace Battaglia

History icon Mrs. Jenkins as Disney icon Peter Pan. Photo by Grace Battaglia

A truly terrifying group costume! Freshman boys. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Daphne Ruffier ’21 and her best friend as a tasty duo. Photo by Kate Noden

Senior Kate Marshall wearing a goofy “fried chicken” costume. Photo by Kate Noden

Sophomore Ryan Ohlman dressed in a very punny costume. Photo by Kate Noden

A group of Sophomores as characters from Rosary’s favorite game – Club Penguin. Photo by Kate Noden

Giselle Castaneda ’21 went back in time with this ’70s hippie costume. Photo by Kate Noden


The freshman took the comfy route by wearing soft onesies. Photo by Kate Noden

Junior Daniela Moran wins the award for the most creative costume- a grey marker. Photo by Kate Noden

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