Save Bucks at Starbucks


Isabella Tejeda

Taking trendy pics with low cost drinks. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

There are many ways to save money at Starbucks. Thanks to the Royal Reporter, we have uncovered the secrets to get you more for your money.

Chai Latte Drink Hacks:

  • For all those who love the Iced Chai Latte, but are prone to drinking it all in three sips, order your drink with light ice. The drink still comes cold, but there is more for you to enjoy. This works for most iced drinks.
  • Normally, this drink at a venti size is around $4.65. Save money by ordering an organic chai tea with room for milk (milk is a free add in) and four pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup ($0.50 to add) coming out to be a total of $3.15

Refills are a thing:

  • Refills at Starbucks with all sizes only cost 50 cents. Whether you get an Iced Chai Latte and later want plain old coffee, or simply another chug of your previously ordered drink, bring your cup back and ask for a refill. These refills only work to get brewed teas or coffees.

Bring your own cup:

  • You can bring your own cup into Starbucks and it doesn’t just have to be a Starbucks branded one. Save the environment and save money with a deduction of 10 cents off your drink.

Water is free:

  • Never buy the $3 water bottles Starbucks sells. Instead, order a venti, grande, or tall iced water for free. Starbucks triple filters their water, so no need to worry about it not being clean.

French Press Pot:

  • Say you and some friends are going to hang out and study for a bit and you know you are going to be ordering a few drinks during your time; instead of ordering separate cups, order the French Press Pot. Each pot serves a few cups of coffee and is cheaper than ordering a new drink each time.

Frappuccinos can be expensive:

  • Say you and a friend want a Frappuccino in a tall cup. Instead of buying two of them and spending $9.50, order one venti at $5.75 and ask for two tall cups on the side. A “Tall” is 12 oz, and a Venti iced (clear cups) is 24 oz. Grab your drink and split it with your friend and enjoy saving money.

Hate seeing the barista dump the rest of your frappuccino down the drain because it didn’t fit in your cup?

  • The Frappuccino recipe almost always makes more than what will fit in the given cup size. When you order, ask for your Frappuccino to be put in the next cup size, and they’ll give you the extra. For example: “I’d like a grande mocha Frappuccino in a venti cup.”

More Sizes:

  • There are more the three sizes listed on the menu (Venti, Grande, Tall). In order from smallest to largest: “Short” is 8 oz, “Tall” is 12 oz, “Grande” is 16 oz, “Venti” is 20, “Venti” or iced cups are 24 oz, “Trenta” is 31 oz. The “Trenta” is not available for every drink though so make sure to ask for your drink.
Isabella and her friends enjoy their sweet Starbucks drinks. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

Mohsin Khan who works at the Starbucks on Yorba Linda Boulevard and Village Center, put his two cents in when saying, “I’ve had customers who’ve ordered hot drinks complain to me that their drink is too hot, and we all know that people can get pretty cranky without their cup of coffee, so a little hack is to ask your barista is to have your drink at kid temperature. The coffee will still be warm, but not to the point your tongue gets singed the second you drink it.”