Wellness Round-Up


Cailey Rembrant '20 writing her goals down with a touch of flowers. Photo by Ms.Doherty

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

October 15th, 2018 marked the first wellness session to take place at Rosary. From Adoration and Super Scripture to Zumba or Journaling, for 45 minutes, students were able to relax, unwind and maybe forget about the stress about school. Many students love the idea of Wellness and wanted to share their opinion of how the day went.

Junior Itzel Perez participated in the Walk in the Park and expressed, “For me, because I chose the Walk in the Park, it helped me relieve stress because it gave me time to reflect on myself and my goals.” The Walk in the Park consisted of students walking two laps around Acacia Park, which is next to Rosary’s Campus. While getting good exercise, students were able to reflect on something that might have been bothering them and take a couple deep breaths.

Students participating in Adoration. Photo by Ms. Doherty

Adoration is a wonderful way to connect spiritually. Junior Mya Hernandez said, “I got the chance to participate in Adoration and it helped me de-stress because I was with God and he helped me relive my pain and suffering.”

Sophomore Giselle Castaneda said, “I participated in the Zumba wellness session and it helped me relieve stress because I got to move and dance around and had some great laughs. In addition to that, I liked how everyone had a good attitude about being there.” As students may know, Zumba is an upbeat dance activity and can get the heart racing, but at the same time, when exercising with your peers, you tend to have more fun and laugh more.

Liana Hanz ’22 said, “I signed up for Silent Reading, and I’m glad I did. I got to read my favorite book that inspires me and helps me forget a little bit about school and all the worries I had.”

Our next Wellness Session is on Wednesday, October 24th. Various activities include Therapy Dogs, Puzzles and Games, and the No-Bake Baking Class. Students loved the idea of the Wellness Sessions and are excited for the many more to come.