Royals React to Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh during his appointment.  Photo by Andrew Harrer

Judge Kavanaugh during his appointment. Photo by Andrew Harrer

Joy Joukhadar, Editor-in-Chief

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Lots of people will automatically presume someone’s thoughts on controversial issues due to the person’s race, gender, or religion.

Kavanugh and Ford taking an oath prior to testimony. Photo by NBC San Diego.

But that’s not the case–especially not with Rosary students. At Rosary, we’re taught to be our own women and come up with our own conclusions on issues. We don’t let one part of us define our opinions because we’re well-rounded and take all aspects of a situation into consideration.

Today’s overly-partisan culture has brought up emotional responses or biased perspectives about the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, especially after Dr. Christine Ford came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault from their teenage years.

Kavanaugh during his SCOTUS nomination. Photo by The Atlantic.

Senior Rebakah Barnabus explains her opinion on the matter by stating, “I’m not pro-Kavanaugh because I’m a conservative, I’m pro-Kavanaugh because I don’t see any actual evidence proving he sexually assaulted anyone. If people want to make claims or accuse people, that’s cool, all you need to do is show me the evidence and I’ll believe you. Someone’s ‘testimony’ alone doesn’t mean anything, you could be lying. Evidence, real investigation, and following due process of law is how you shed light on the truth.”


Senior Marissa Pennino, on the other hand, believes Dr. Ford and doesn’t agree with Kavanaugh’s appointment. She tells the Royal Reporter,”Well I think that the appointment of Kavanaugh definitely brings the danger of silencing women and not allowing them to come forward to tell their stories. It’s pretty discouraging. It takes an insane amount of courage for a woman to come forward, so this ruling has the potential of diminishing that.”

Judge Kavanaugh angrily responding to the allegations. Photo by NBC News

Senior Marisa Lopez personally disagreed with his demeanor throughout the hearings. She elaborated on her perspective of the Kavanaugh appointment: “I felt his behavior during the hearing wasn’t proper for a judge. I felt like he was rash, unprepared, emotional, and honestly really rude.”

However, other interviewed students felt like his behavior on the trial made sense. “Kavanaugh getting slightly angry and irritated with the questioning is completely justified because if I was incorrectly accused of sexual assault and was continuously ratted on in the media, I would do more than raise my voice in court. Last time I checked, in America you were innocent until proven guilty but that is not the America the media have shown to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his innocent family,” senior Alex Samawi explains.

Senior Julia Lewis however sees both sides of the complex situation at hand. She explains,”It’s hard to have an opinion because on one hand, you don’t want to always believe the accuser since they could be lying and that could really hurt the alleged attacker’s relationships and career. But, at the same time, you don’t want to invalidate the accuser because they went through something traumatic and their attacker should be brought to justice. It’s really hard to prove or disprove lots of these crimes and that’s why it’s hard to have strong opinions on these cases.”

The future is female. Picture by Kimothy Joy.

Sexual assault itself isn’t a political issue. Assault is universally thought to be bad. However, it can be confusing to address when it’s mixed into politics. While making a false accusation is terrible, we also know that victims of sexual assault are typically silenced and it’s important to empower them by remaining open to the truth. It’s a difficult political and social climate to navigate, but no matter what, we know the women of tomorrow will have a major impact on how our culture progresses.


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