PSA…Taking the Day Off


Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

This past Wednesday, October 10, the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior class took part in the national PSAT testing day. While these Royals were busy testing, the senior class had the day off, and they took full advantage of their time away.

Nikelle Walker ’19 spent the day with her best friend Kate Marshall ’19. These besties enjoyed a nice relaxing morning at their local coffee shop. Nikelle exclaimed, “I loved having a day off in the middle of a busy week. Kate and I were able to relax, drink delicious coffee, and get work done. It was strange to not take the PSAT, yet I’m never going to complain about a day off.”  

Senior Nikelle Walker smiling on her day off. Photo by Kate Marshall

Marissa Pennino ’19 and Kiren Grewal ’19 both worked on their Common App and Cal State applications. Kiren expressed, “The Common App is so tedious. I’m applying to 100+ schools, so it’s kind of taking forever.” These hardworking Royals enjoyed using the day to prepare for their future.

A group of seniors used the day to visit colleges. Senior Ava Cunningham said, “Maya Gonzales, Hannah Laughlin, and I took the opportunity to visit colleges. We took a trip down to San Diego to see USD. It was a beautiful campus and really got us excited for our futures.”

One group of seniors used the day to clear their heads and soak up the sun. Senior Christel Alino stated, “On our day off my friends and I went to watch the sunrise at Newport beach and spent the rest of the day there!”  

A group of seniors celebrating their day off at the beach. Photo by Ryan Barba

Isabella Lopez ‘ 19 used her day off to support her friend’s volleyball team. After, they got to enjoy coffee together and celebrate the game. Isabella stated, “It was super fun to have the day off. I had a great time seeing my friend and supporting her.”

Whether or not they spent the day continuing the college hunt or relaxing the mind, it is safe to say the seniors benefited from this day off.