Nicole Is on a Role

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Nicole Is on a Role

Nicole Garcia '19 literally does it all. Photo by Kiren Grewal

Nicole Garcia '19 literally does it all. Photo by Kiren Grewal

Nicole Garcia '19 literally does it all. Photo by Kiren Grewal

Nicole Garcia '19 literally does it all. Photo by Kiren Grewal

Kiren Grewal, Managing Editor

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Senior Nicole Garcia does it all. She is involved in a plethora of activities on and off campus. Let’s break it down.

On campus:

  • ASB Ambassador Lead
  • Campus Minister
  • PAL Campus Minister Liaison
  • International Club President
  • NHS Treasurer
  • Kairos Leader
  • In several Honor Societies:
    • Social Studies Honor Society
    • Science National Honor Society
    • Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, El Greco Chapter)
    • California Scholarship Federation

Off campus:

  • Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center Volunteer
  • Choc Children’s Playroom Volunteer
  • Tutor at St. Juliana Falconieri Elementary School

    Nicole Garcia ’19 enjoying juicy barbecue chicken at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ. Photo by Kiren Grewal

When she’s not at school or volunteering, Nicole still seems to have an actual life. That’s right, she’s not a robot. Nicole is an avid foodie and loves trying different food from around the world.

Nicole also enjoys hiking and has been on several dangerous hikes in the U.S. such as Angel’s Landing. According to National Parks Traveler, at least 5 people have died on this hike (Nicole was not one of them).

Nicole Garcia trekking up Angel’s Landing in 2017. Photo by Diane Garcia









“I juggle my academics, extracurricular activities, social life, and health with time management and surrounding myself with positive influences,” she says with a big smile.

Nicole is a high-achieving Royal who hopes to pursue a career in pediatric nursing because she loves kids. First, she wants to travel the world as a nurse with Doctors Without Borders. Then, she hopes to become a Nurse Practitioner. After that, when she is old and decrepit, she wants to become a Nurse Educator. We stan a Royal humanitarian!

“I want to be a nurse because nurses are your best friends when you are at your most vulnerable. The job is not easy, but it is beautiful.”  Well said, Nicole.

We can’t wait to see what amazing things Nicole accomplishes next!


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