Spooky Season is Here

Clowning around is no joke at Knotts Scary Farm. Photo by Google Images

Clowning around is no joke at Knotts Scary Farm. Photo by Google Images

The month of October has just started and many amusement parks are changing up their theme. Halloween time is many students favorite season because the best places to hang out have transitioned over to the dark side. Amusement parks like Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios have changed to become a place of fright and horror. However, the Royal Reporter wants to find the best of the best amusement parks to go to for a good scream?

According to students, the top amusement park to visit during Halloween season is Six Flags Fright Fest.

Come to Six Flags and you sure will be screaming. Photo by Six Flags

Mya Hernandez ’20 says, “Ever since I went last year, it is my favorite amusement park to go to now because I enjoy the thrill of the rides and love their mazes because they are super freaky and so cool. One of my favorite mazes is the “Circus Berzerkus.”

While Six Flags is far for most students, many have raved about how worth it is to go. The thrill is just amazing, and seeing the park go from normal to crazy is astonishing.

The second amusement park that turns scary and is the perfect place to get a good scream is Universal Studios Horror Night. According to Mia Penaloza ’20, “Universal Studios during the month of October is outrageous. Dressed up clowns with chainsaws run past you and scare the screams out of you. It really is exhilarating, and my favorite place to go to have a good scream.”

If you are a fan of mazes and jump-scares, Universal Studios is the place to go. Many amusements parks have mazes, but none compare to how scary and dark Universal Studios make their mazes. Universal Studios keeps you on edge because the scarers have the element of surprise, and love getting a good scream out of people.

Lanie all whipped up with a pass. Photo by Lanie Adamsen


Lastly, the third most scary amusement park is Knotts Scary Farm. During the last few weeks of September until the beginning of November, Knotts Scary Farm turns into a “160 acres of horror.”


Knotts Scary Farm has people dressed as zombies and many other scary characters such as the clown from IT, and scary mazes filled with horrendous sights. According to Lanie Adamsen ’19, “The best part for me at Knotts, was walking through the fog because you didn’t know when a monster was going to pop out. I would recommend going to Knotts for a good scare because the workers there have really believable makeup on and it looks so realistic.”

Students around campus are excited for many activities during the month of October, such as finding a cool costume or decking out their houses with Halloween decorations. However, what most students are excited about are the good screams and frightful nightmares afterward. or So enjoy visiting our favorite amusements parks and remember to be safe when Trick Treating.