Lacrosse Fall Ball

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Lacrosse Fall Ball

Erica Barton and Liza Dame

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Gianna Arenas getting ready to make a long pass to her teammate. Photo by Erica Barton

On Monday, September 24th, Rosary Lacrosse kicked off their fall ball practice. They practice every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:30 pm. Their practices consist of passing, drills, shooting, and working on their offensive and defensive stance. They are still actively welcoming new girls who want to join and play fall ball with the team.

The Royal Reporter asked returning varsity players Holly Middleton ’19 and Sophia McGuire ’19 a few questions about their pre-season.

RR: How is your pre-season going so far?

Holly Middleton: “It is going very well, practices are good, and we were excited to finally kick off fall ball to prepare for the upcoming 2019 season.”

RR: How many new people have joined?

Holly Middleton: “We have about 12 new girls that joined. More girls will join but they are in season or pre-season for their fall and winter sports, or simply are waiting until lacrosse beings in February, which is completely acceptable as well.”

RR: How are the new Freshmen doing?

Holly Middleton: “The freshmen are already learning how to pass and catch pretty well, though there is still room for improvement. Of course, it has only been a week since they have kicked it off their very first season.”

RR: What are you and your team looking forward this season?

Sophia McGuire: “We looking forward to improving everyone’s skills in this 2019 season.”

The Royals are very excited to start their fall ball and cannot wait for what fall ball has to bring them.

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