Personal Wellness: a Priority at Rosary

Students listening to Mrs. Huerta talk about proper breathing.  Photo by Ms. Barclay

Photo by Ms. Barclay

Students listening to Mrs. Huerta talk about proper breathing. Photo by Ms. Barclay

Sofia Benavides, Feature Editor

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Earlier this week, Rosary Royals were treated to a special assembly led by head of school Ms. Pautsch and director of activities Mrs. Huerta. The subject of the assembly was personal wellness, and the students of Rosary were led in a school-wide breathing exercise by Mrs. Huerta. She explained how many people don’t realize that they aren’t breathing the right way- inhaling from their chest rather than their diaphragm.

“I never realized I was breathing wrong,” says senior Nicky Angle, “It’s just something you don’t think about. You just, like…breathe. You never stop to actually think about it.”

Rosary students practicing their breathing during Monday’s wellness assembly. Photo by Ms. Barclay

Mrs. Huerta explained the correct way to breathe while Rosary students spread out across the Karcher center, closing their eyes and concentrating. They practiced taking a few minutes to take care of themselves by breathing from deep within their diaphragms. Mrs. Huerta concluded, “I know that many of you are busy with AP classes and college admissions, but this is something easy that you can practice for a few minutes every day.” 

The school’s plan is to have a time for wellness at least once a month during flex. As Ms. Pautsch said, this means “taking the time to do whatever you need to do, whether that’s meditating, studying, or taking a walk around the school. You have to take care of yourself.” She expressed her care and concern for all of her students, explaining that sometimes in life one forgets that they’re a person and that they must take care of themselves too. Sometimes, one’s health becomes a second or third priority, and it’s important to remember to keep yourself healthy- both mentally and physically. 

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