What Is This Alum up to Now?


Newest member of Comedy Sports, Molly Renze. Photo by Anthony Boolahoo

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Many fabulous students have changed the lives of Rosary Royals, some more than others. One student that was and is still well known throughout Tri-School is Rosary’s finest, Molly Renze. To say that she left an impact on many students is an understatement: Molly Renze is what you think of when you think of Tri-School Theatre.

Molly, a graduate of the Rosary’s class of 2018, is now attending Cal State Fullerton and majoring in Acting. She also got accepted to the Comedy Sports LA Team and attended the TACSC Summer Leadership Conference at LMU over the summer.

Molly Renze ’18 and Julia Lewis ’19 smiling together at LMU. Photo by Jacob Riess

The Royal Reporter asked Molly some questions:

RR: Was there any particular class at Rosary that encouraged you to do what you do now?

Molly – “I firmly believe that ALL the classes, yes even math has taught me a little something about myself. Creative Writing, Video Production, Computer Graphics, and OF COURSE Journalism encouraged me the most.”

RR – Which Rosary Benefit helped prepare you for college?

Molly – “She finds her voice. I discovered who I was at Rosary. I took risks and tried new things and slowly discovered I have a strong, independent voice and I know what my passions are. Without Rosary, I would not be as confident in my ability to follow my dreams.”

RR – What are your hopes for the future?

Molly – “In my future I see myself writing and performing comedy. My dream job is to be on SNL. I also want to act and write in New York and Los Angeles, whether it be original works or professional shows. No matter what happens, I will never give up on my passion to perform and entertain others.”

RR – Favorite teacher at Rosary that made an impact on you?

Molly getting the “Seal” of approval to graduate. Photo by Maddy Fetter

Molly – “Miss Young is my absolute favorite teacher. My sophomore year when I met her, I was so terrified. Slowly but surely I had come to realize that she was basically me. We were both theater nerds who had a passion for literature and writing. I still talk to her frequently and she still helps me with my writing and gives me major career advice.”

Molly Renze was very active in the Rosary community. She was the Editor-in-Chief for the Royal Reporter, Thespian Board President, an Ambassador for Rosary, and many more. Molly is missed at Rosary and it’s understandable because she touched so many hearts here at Rosary. The Rosary community congratulates Molly on all her achievements, and we cannot wait to see what her future holds for her.