Warmth from the Main Office

Photo By Miss. Reyes

Photo By Miss. Reyes

Evelyn Zhao, Staff Writer

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Ms. Karla Reyes has been the Faculty Support Specialist at Rosary Academy since 2016.

Ms. Reyes has had many jobs before she joining Rosary. She used to work as a Home-stay Program Coordinator at Fairmont Private School,  where she found host families for International students, assisted the director of education, and worked as the Dean of Advanced Study.  Since she wanted to offer more assistance to students and parents who need help, she decided to work as a Faculty Support Specialist at Rosary Academy.

Ms. Reyes likes all kinds of music, and she also enioys singing very much. What’s more, she likes trying different foods and traveling to different places in her free time.

As an assistant in the main office, Ms. Reyes spends a lot of time helping students who have problems with their school supplies and school E-mails. She has been a great help to the International students, making sure they know how to operate their Ebooks. No matter how complicated the issue may seem, Ms. Reyes always shows her patience and warm heart without any complaints.

“One team, one dream” is the motto that Ms. Reyes incorporates into her daily life. She said:” I like to work together with a group of people, do our best, and then achieve the same goal. This is also the reason that I work at Rosary.” It is true that by working with others, we can become better individuals.

Ms. Reyes loves working at Rosary and said she loves doing as much as possible to assist to the students who ask for help. The Royal Reporter wishes Ms. Reyes a wonderful career in Rosary Academy.

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