Beauty on a Budget


Brand Makeup or Drugstore Makeup? Photo by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Love good quality makeup, but not the price tag that comes along with it? Well, you’re in luck because here is the complete guide to finessing your way through the system and saving money.

1. Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ ($54) vs Revolution Re-Loaded Palette ‘Iconic Fever’ ($7)

Photo by Urban Decay; Photo by Revolution

The Urban Decay makeup palette is a must-have for all beauty gurus out there because of the fiery colors it comes with. But when it comes to saving money, Revolution’s got your back. For 47 dollars cheaper, you can copy the colors from Urban Decay with the Iconic Fever palette. Junior Mauriz Stoddard says, “When I use the Revolution palette and go out, all my friends think I’m using the Urban Decay palette. I really like how easily the colors mix together in the Revolution Palette. It really completes the look.”

2. Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade ($18) vs NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade ($6.99)

Photo by Anastasia Beverly Hills; Photo by NYX

We all want eyebrows on fleek, but we don’t want to spend too much. NYX’s got your back. With their pomade, your eyebrows could be slaying the game for only $7 instead of $18.

3. Kylie Cosmetics ‘Kristen’ ($29) vs ColourPop ‘Bumble’ ($6)

Photo by Kylie Cosmetics; Photo by ColourPop

If you’re new to makeup, spending around 30 dollars on lipstick is not the ideal purchase. ColourPop understands this and sells an exact dupe for 23 dollars cheaper. We love a saving sister.

4. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation ($45) vs Maybelline Fit Me Foundation ($8)

Photo by NARS; Photo by Maybelline

Finding your first foundation is always a hassle, especially when you might not know your shade. Thankfully you can find one close to your shade without wasting too much money. Senior Sofia Benavides says, “I feel like the Fit Me Foundation gives you more coverage without looking cakey.”

5. Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($25) vs Maybelline Express The Falsies Mascara ($7.77)

Photo by Maybelline; Photo by Allure

Not a fan of fake eyelashes? Then use mascara. While some makeup brands don’t give you the lash length you desire, Maybelline’s Express the Falsies Mascara gives you the volumizing, long-lashes you want while saving 17 dollars.

There are many wonderful makeup products in store for you, but a lot of them can be overpriced. Thankfully smaller makeup brands take advantage of this and make dupes. If you’re every trying out products, look online to see if there is a dupe, because saving money is always the best way to go.