Best Bulletin Boards: You Choose

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Best Bulletin Boards: You Choose

Holly Middleton, Sports Editor

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A key staple for any teacher during the back to school season is his or her classroom decor. More specifically, bulletin boards.

A bulletin board adds personality and a dash of color to every classroom. It can show students a little bit about the teacher’s personality before they even speak to them.

On a few occasions, a bulletin board can be the key factor to piquing a student’s attention and can add spice to any lesson taught. Rosary teacher Mrs. Ward can stand by that statement, after recently assigning all of her students from AP Psychology, AP Government, and College Prep Government to contribute to her bulletin board with memes of their choice.

Mrs. Ward’s self-dubbed “Meme Board” is dotted with personalized memes from students in her classes. Photo by Holly Middleton


Isabella M. Lopez’s meme describing the woes of the college application process is a favorite among the students of room 201. Photo by Holly Middleton

Some bulletin boards tell life stories as well. Even though Mrs. Fields graduated from the University of Southern California “a long while ago,” she still carries profound memories of her time at USC. She tells the Royal Reporter “I love USC because it gives its students something you can aspire to. A strong heritage and sense of community are my favorite parts of the school.”

Mrs. Field’s USC-themed bulletin board shares an important part of her life to her students. Photo by Holly Middleton

An example of “blackout poetry.” Students take a page from a book and blackout every word, except for the ones that make up their new message. Photo by Holly Middleton

Ms. Barclay’s AP Language and Composition class was able to contribute to a bulletin board as well. Known as “junior mottos,” the AP students took part in blackout poetry to express a new message on an ripped-out page from an old book.

“Deep Stuff” covers Ms. Barclay’s bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Photo by Holly Middleton

Ms. D’Alba’s interactive “Flamin-goal” board adds a bright atmosphere to room 209. Photo by Holly Middleton

Ms. D’Alba took her last few days of summer break to create her flamingo bulletin board, in honor of the senior class mascot. The board is dotted with the class of 2019’s “Flamin-goals.”  Students were asked to think about what they wanted to accomplish in their senior year, then write that goal on a paper flamingo. They would then decorate it and choose a spot on the board for their personalized flamingo.

Ms. D’Alba isn’t sure where the inspiration for the flaming-board came from. When asked what prompted its creation, Ms. D’Alba responded “I don’t know, it just came to me.”

The fabric was given to her by her daughter, and Ms. D’Alba “just went crazy with it!” She wanted the seniors to have an interactive board in the classroom. It’s due to change every month for the 2018-19 school year.

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