Senior Superlatives

May 24, 2018

The class of 2018 is a unique and lively group of girls who has truly touched my heart. I have taken the liberty to give all these deserving Royals their own special Senior superlative. Each and every single one of these girls has had an impact on my time here at Rosary and I would like to say thank you.



Class of 2018: Superlatives

Shayne Abuyen: Most likely to survive on Hot Cheetos forever

Michelle Aguirre: Most likely to grow her hair out to Rapunzel length

Deanna Aldayyat: Biggest Fangirl

Yahdira Anaya: Life of the classroom

Clarissa Arias: Most likely to dance in a Beyonce Music video

Delainey Ashbrook: Most likely to be a fashion icon

Leia Betancourt: Class of 2018 MVP

Melissa Borbon: Best snapchat story

Claire Brier: Most likely to be a teacher

Lauren Bueno: Biggest Heart

Erika Campos: Most huggable

Lauren Campos: Most likely to speak their mind 

Maura Cannon: Most spirited

Jacqueline Carr: Most Spiritual

Mikayla Carrillo: Most likely to be doing homework till 3 in the morning

Leena Carvalho: Most likely to become the first female president  

Minju Cho: Most likely to have her art in a museum

Hanna Cleek: Most likely to have extreme hair changes

Cristin Coombs: Most likely to own the winning horse at the Kentucky derby

Sabrina Cunningham: Most likely to to make a scientific discovery

Sarah Curry: Most likely to cure cancer

Francesca D’Alessandro: Most likely to be a famous graphic artist

Karina Del Rio: Most likely to be a famous photographer

Jocelyn Diaz: Best Eyebrows

Danielle Dulac: Most contagious laugh

Annalisse Eclipse: Most likely to win a Nobel peace prize

Isabella Eclipse: Most likely to invent something

Alexa Faber: Most likely to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright

Krista Faber: Most likely to create the first Robot Human

Megan Faley: Most likely to be a judge at a future Red and Gold

Madeline Fetter: Class Best Friend 

Kayla Figureoa: Most likely to invent a new way to binge watch shows

Samantha Figueroa: Most likely to be a famous Pop Star

Jenna Fishman: Miss Social Butterfly

Faith Flores: Best nails

Kristina Foley: Best eye roll

Lana Foley: Most adorable

Alex Galvan: Most positive attitude

Emily Garcia: Most likely to be secretly plotting something

Sofia Garcia: Most likely to own her own restaurant

Taylor Garcia: Most likely to be mistaken for their age

Christina Gloady: Most dependable

Kori Goerlitz: Most likely to marry a billionaire

Grace Gonzalez: Most likely to own their own business

Julia Gonzalez: Most likely to win a marathon

Leslie Gonzalez: Most creative

Gabriella Graves: Miss people person 

Sara Griffith: Most likely to be a runway model

Kailey Guerrero: Most likely to appear on the cover of a magazine

Vanessa Guerrero: Most likely to adopt a whole animal shelter

Amanda Guzman: Born in the wrong decade

Lauren Hansen: Trendiest 

Raychel Haroutoonian: Most likely to perfectly plan all her days perfectly

Riley Hassett: Most likely to ask for food

Olivia Hennessy: Most likely to have her own talk show

Ningshan Hu: Most likely to be in a symphony

Jessica James: Most likely to send her kids to Rosary 

Sunwoo Jang: Most likely to own her own clothing line

Christine Johnnie: Most organized

Kelly Kay: Most likely to be loved by everyone

Amelia Kennedy: Most likely to survive the hunger games

Serena Kotob: Most consistent hairstyle

Lauren LaBow: Most likely to be internet famous

Frances Lahr: Cutest couple  

Jillian Lao: Most likely to make a million before she’s 30

Jordan Lawton: Most Sarcastic

Ali Lou: Most likely to takeover Disneyland

Sydney Markos: Prettiest Eyes

Rhenee Martinez: Most likely to win the Bachelor

Samantha Matos: Most likely to secretly be a superhero

Gabrielle Mecado: Miss Fitness

Kamryn Merrill: Most likely to not study and get a 100% on a test

Elise Middleton: Most likely to be on a reality TV show

Shannon Mora: Most likely to be on American Idol

Graciela Moran: Most likely to marry a famous athlete

Alexandra Mungaray: Most likely to walk into a wall texting

Haley Nunez: Most likely to be the next Oprah

Madelyn Nye: Most likely to become a famous travel blogger

Rebekah Obinma: Most likely to be in the WNBA

Caroline Ong: Best horse whisperer

Cassandra Oropeza: Most Mysterious

Vanessa Orrin: Most likely to own a farm

Josie Paiste: Most likely to take over the world  

Chloe Park: Most likely to be a politician

Brittney Pinzon: Best person to be stranded on an island with

Carolyn Price: Most accident prone

Sarah Ragle: Most likely to be the Kahoot World Champion

Molly Renze: Most likely to be a cast member and writer on SNL

Samantha Rezac: Most likely to be a soccer mom

Samantha Riehl: Most photogenic

Carolina Rios-Martinez: Most likely to visit Mars

Alexis Rivas: Most likely to be Miss America

Isabella Rivera: Most likely to be on Broadway

Molly Rivera: Most likely to be a famous nurse

Salma Rocha: Most likely to succeed at everything

Chloe Ruffier: Best dressed

Meredith Saeman: Best cough

Chasey Santos: Most independent

Lindsey Shank: Most likely to open her own yoga studio

Anna Shyne: Most likely to dab at her own wedding

Nicole Siess: Best hair

Claire Sokol: Most likely to be an NFL Cheerleader

Kara Spieckerman: Best Smile

Sarahi Stoddard: Most liked by parents

Candy Sun: Most likely to brighten up your day

Danielle Swanson: Most laid back

Lauren Tapia: Most likely to sleep through anything

Cassandra Tinkler: Best partner on a project

Jennae Marie Ty-De Guzman: Most likely to win “So You Think You Can Dance”

Georgia Vargas: Most underrated beauty 

Alision Viggiano: Most likely to talk your ear off

Grace Walsh: Most likely to become a leprechaun

Catherine Walswick: Most likely to start a peace movement

Sierra Warner: Most likely to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  

Ixis Weiss: Most likely to be a cartoonist

Caroline Weller: Miss Beauty and Brains

Carina Zavala: Most likely to break a world record

With that. Molly Renze is signing off! Love you all!

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